The technologically refined sports saloon



THE INFINITI Q50: An electrifying connection

Revealed to European audiences for the first time at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show, the INFINITI Q50 is a luxury sports saloon car that delivers a truly dynamic performance.

The Q50 does this by embracing technologies that enhance the driver’s capabilities. It's technical specs include second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering and new Dynamic Digital Suspension that ensures a smoother drive. InSuite™ anticipates your needs, simplifies tasks and allows you to enjoy the ride in complete comfort. And the Bose® Premium Sound System delivers real depth to every form of music, making every drive more immersive than ever.

While the INFINITI Q50 is designed to move you, it’s defined by the way you move. Thanks to bespoke accessories, you can choose the wheels that seduce the road and your deepest senses the most. You can handpick the interior and exterior design features that match your style. And you can add extra accessories to help you carry what you want, when you want.

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